Will wearing glasses make my eyes weaker? Won’t I become dependent on my glasses if I wear them too much?

It’s a common misconception that wearing glasses will make your eyes weaker. Rest assured that your eyes will not ‘adapt’ to the prescription, and need stronger and stronger glasses after every examination. This misunderstanding likely stems from the fact that many nearsighted people do require stronger glasses every year or so during their school years. However, this is likely simply a function of physical growth, not adaptation to the current prescription. As we grow, and our eye lengthens, our prescription increases.

Many patients between age 20 and 40 will return a year or two after obtaining glasses for reading or working on the computer, saying ‘I can’t get by without my glasses anymore’. However, the examination will often show little or no change in their eyes … their glasses simply make things easier to see and they like wearing them.

Needing to wear reading glasses more as we get older is completely normal, and all but unavoidable … but again, wearing glasses has no positive or negative impact on your eyes in the long run.