Buyer Beware

Purchasing new glasses should be an enjoyable experience, but it can quickly become very confusing …
•  What style of frame should I choose?
•  What type of lens is best for my prescription?
•  Do I need any special coatings or tints?
•  … and once I make these (and more) decisions, where should I buy my glasses?

While we can’t make these choices for you, we can give you some background information that hopefully makes your decision easier.

•  One Stop Shopping. So, you’ve had your eyes examined … now what? Your optometrist can help with recommendations for frames and lenses that are best suited to your physical features, prescription, job, and hobbies. Our team of optometrists and assistants will make sure that you see well and look great!
•  Troubleshooting. Let’s be honest: we can’t promise that you’ll never have a problem with glasses or contact lenses that we prescribe and dispense. However, if you do, we’re here to solve the problem at no additional charge. Whether it’s a change in prescription, or a simple adjustment or repair, we want to make sure that you love your new lenses.
•  Clicks versus Bricks. In the province of Ontario, the Ministry of Health defines dispensing glasses and contact lenses as a “controlled act” that must be performed by a licensed optometrist, optician, or physician. That means that selling glasses and contact lenses online is actually illegal. To make matters worse, a 2011 study showed that nearly 50% of eyeglasses ordered online failed to meet optical or safety standards. Yikes.
•  Custom Job. In order for your glasses to work properly, they must be measured accurately and fitted carefully. Online purchasing does not allow for this customization. Buying a toaster or tires online is one thing; glasses and contact lenses are another matter altogether.
•  You Get What You Pay For. If the price seems to be too good to be true, it probably is. Remember: every retailer needs to make a profit to stay in business. It doesn’t matter what you are paying … the vendor has paid less. If your price is very low, you are likely purchasing something of extremely poor quality or that has been discontinued … in other words, something not worth buying.
•  Bang For Your Buck. Our premise has always been to offer value: that is, the best quality at the best price. Not everything that is newer is better, but it is almost always more expensive. We scrutinize new products carefully, and only recommend the lens designs, materials, and coatings that give you good bang for your buck. You may find a lower price somewhere else, but you won’t find a better value.
•  A Pair and a Spare. If you can’t decide between two frames you like, or simply want the convenience or peace of mind of a spare pair, we’ll reduce the purchase price by 25% on every second pair.